Alicia Williamson Research Spotlight

A God Who Suffers With Us featuring Alicia Williamson

Certainly, we don’t know what it’s like to be God, but how well can God really understand what it’s like to be us? This is of special significance in times of suffering and difficulty. Can God suffer with us? Does God suffer with us? Alicia Williamson shares insights from her research into this important question about the nature of God.

Carl Williamson Establishing Ethical Financial Practices

Best Practices for Church Finances

In financial matters, ethics matter. This is especially true when it comes to church finances. For many people in ministry, this is an area of church life that, while highly important, is not something for which we’ve received training. Dr. Carl Williamson is a church planter whose proximity to Hurricane Sandy gave his church both enormous opportunities and enormous challenges. Carl has put together important concepts for how churches can optimize our financial practices through original research he completed for his Doctor of Ministry degree at the Harding School of Theology. I am pleased to be able to share his findings with you here.

Cover image showing Dr. Rob O'Lynn as part of the Research Spotlight series

Preaching that Transforms with Dr. Rob O’Lynn

Good preaching informs, but great preaching transforms. Dr. Rob O’Lynn shares his research about how preachers can utilize transformative learning theory in helping their congregations to grow spiritually. Carefully crafted applications help the sermon move from the mind to the heart, and ultimately to the hands of the listeners who live into the new possibilities which the Word imagines.

Matt Dabbs

Productive Online Conversations: with Matt Dabbs

These days, talking about important subjects online is a lot like walking through a minefield. Matt Dabbs provides tools to help us with online conversations–and any conversations–where both the people and the issues matter. I always enjoy any time I can spend with Matt, as he absolutely embodies the healthy principles shared here in this video. This is great advice for anyone to consider before you hit “post”, which is just as valuable to practice at your office, your church, and at home. 

Kevin Burr Worship as Spiritual Formation

Kevin Burr: Worship As Spiritual Formation

In this Research Spotlight, I am excited to share a conversation I had with Kevin Burr. Kevin is a Ph.D. student at Asbury Theological Seminary, having previously completed his M.Div. at the Harding School of Theology and a Masters in Education at Harding University. He is also one of the ministers at the Nicholasville Church of Christ in Kentucky.

Kevin had recently conducted a retreat for worship leaders on how worship functions as spiritual formation. I wanted to hear some of the ideas Kevin had been cultivating, and am glad to share them with you.

Appreciative Inquiry and Congregational Change

Appreciative Inquiry and Congregational Change

As the conclusion to the Questioning Forward series about the assumptions of Appreciative Inquiry, Dr. Mark Adams describes his use of the Appreciative Inquiry method at the Old Hickory Church of Christ to help him discern a path forward to renewal at the congregation that would not come at the cost of division, but would promote unity and ownership.