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A God Who Suffers With Us featuring Alicia Williamson

A God Who Suffers With Us featuring Alicia Williamson

Is it really possible to relate to God? Certainly, we don’t know what it’s like to be God, but how well can God really understand what it’s like to be us? This is of special significance in times of suffering and difficulty. Can God suffer with us? Does God suffer with us?

At the time this interview was recorded, our nation was several weeks into quarantine due to COVID-19 threats. As this interview is now going live, the conversation has only become more poignant because of the strong unrest in the United States with nationwide protests–some peaceful and some violent–in the wake of George Floyd’s death under police custody. Many are speaking about suffering, injustice, and isolation. It matters where God is in all of this.

Alicia Williamson completed her guided research at the Harding School of Theology on the subject of Divine Passibility. Specifically, she interacts with two leading thinkers on the subject: Terence Fretheim and Jürgen Moltmann.

In our interview, Alicia helps ground us in an understanding of the larger conversation, she talks about her own position, derived from her research, and she suggests implications for all of this on how we understand God as well as how we minister to God’s people.

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