Carl Williamson Establishing Ethical Financial Practices

Best Practices for Church Finances

Best Practices for Church Finances

In financial matters, ethics matter. This is especially true when it comes to church finances. For many people in ministry, this is an area of church life that, while highly important, is not something for which we’ve received training. Dr. Carl Williamson is a church planter whose proximity to Hurricane Sandy gave his church both enormous opportunities and enormous challenges. Carl has put together important concepts for how churches can optimize our financial practices through original research he completed for his Doctor of Ministry degree at the Harding School of Theology. I am pleased to be able to share his findings with you here.

Conversation Highlights

  • Carl’s story from his work in New Jersey is fascinating in and of itself
  • Best practices for establishing accountability and tracking spending
  • Motivating your congregation to give more
  • Optimizing the presence of a church finance committee
  • Involving people other than finance professionals in how your church thinks about money

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