02 | Pathways to God

Even though your life is unique, it is helpful to consider what has helped other people to grow closer to God. Here are some basic frameworks for thinking about God, pathways to God, and typical moves that faith can involve as you engage with these practices.

Rethinking How We Interpret Scripture with Rachel Howell

In this episode, we talk with Rachel Howell about Biblical interpretation. A scholar and missionary herself, Rachel has taken a deep dive into Alexander Campbell’s influence on Churches of Christ in the way we view and interpret Scripture. She will critique some areas of imbalance and suggest what it might look like to build an even healthier hermeneutic as we move forward.

Alicia Williamson Research Spotlight

A God Who Suffers With Us

Certainly, we don’t know what it’s like to be God, but how well can God really understand what it’s like to be us? This is of special significance in times of suffering and difficulty. Can God suffer with us? Does God suffer with us? Alicia Williamson shares insights from her research into this important question about the nature of God.

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