Books by Mark Adams

I’ve been pleased to work with 21st Century Christian Publishers in Nashville, Tennessee, creating curriculum books for their FLEX series. Some of the highlights about the FLEX series:

  • They are brief, written for a popular audience
  • They are affordable, ideal to purchase for a larger group at minimal expense
  • They are written with Bible class or life group settings in mind, complete with discussion questions and also supplemental powerpoint slides available for purchase

Books that I’ve Written

flex the story of God's people mark adams

The Story of God’s People

This is a 13-lesson overview of the entire Bible. I wrote it because it seemed to me that many people might have done studies of individual books of the Bible, but did not have a grasp of how all the books flow together.

I tried to address the Biblical narrative in larger movements. One of the highlights of this book is that it contains suggested readings with each chapter that will help a person encounter in Scripture the section which I’m describing.

BONUS: CLICK HERE to download a supplemental guide, not included in the book, which will show you how individual books of the Bible will align with the chapters of the book. Reading the appropriate chapter will give you a better background for your own Bible studies.

Mark Adams Watershed Moments FLEX

Watershed Moments: Pivotal Points in Church History

If I’m being honest, this is my favorite book that I’ve written. In churches of Christ, we have a great hesitancy about studying church history and are often oblivious to just how much we have been shaped by our own history.

I wanted to create a resource to show snapshots of hard issues the church has faced over the centuries so that a person who knows nothing about church history could have an accessible place to start. It is divided into 3 parts: 1/3 Early Church, 1/3 Protestant Reformation, and 1/3 American Restoration Movement. If you don’t know a thing about church history, especially if you want to understand how churches of Christ fit into the larger picture, this is a good resource to consider.

The Church of Christ in the 21st Century Mark Adams

The Church of Christ in the 21st Century

This has been, I think, my best selling book. Most people I meet who’ve used one of my books at their church have studied this one. My editor asked me about the old classic Leroy Brownlow book, Why I Am A Member of the Church of Christ, to see if I might want to try and take a similar concept and put a modern twist on it.

Something I’m pleased with about my approach is that I tried to begin with the Lordship of Christ, and looked at a lot of different aspects of church life and governance through the lens of honoring Christ’s lordship. I also tried to steer away from creating a polemic book. This is more about what we’re trying to be for than what we’re against. I have found this book useful especially in classes for people who are newer to the faith, that it helps set up some useful conversations and provides underlying reasons for a lot of what we do.

mark adams the bible its origin preservation and impact

The Bible: Its Origin, Preservation, and Impact

For this book, my editor asked me to create a resource to help people understand the meticulous process by which Scripture was recorded and eventually handed down to us.

I think this book in particular covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from inspiration, to the types of manuscripts, to how we are to deal with differences we find between manuscripts in what the text says. Obviously, some of this is some pretty high-level subject matter, but I believe this is at a level accessible to anyone. If you want to know what your Bible is and how it came to you in its current format, this book would be a great place to start.