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Preaching that Transforms with Dr. Rob O’Lynn

Good preaching informs, but great preaching transforms. Dr. Rob O’Lynn shares his research about how preachers can utilize transformative learning theory in helping their congregations to grow spiritually. Carefully crafted applications help the sermon move from the head to the heart, and ultimately to the hands of the listeners who live into the new possibilities which the Word imagines.

Conversation Highlights

  • Transformative Learning Theory: how it works, and how preachers and teachers can use it
  • Making the move from head to heart to hands.
  • The important differences between illustrations, object lessons, and true applications of the Biblical text
  • Applications are most useful when they are easy to explain, reasonable to implement, arranged in accessible steps, and containing measurable goals
  • Preachers re-imagining their role as one of a spiritual director, planning a spiritual curriculum with specific desired outcomes
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About Dr. Rob O’Lynn

Dr. Rob O’Lynn is an Assistant Professor of Preaching and Ministry at Kentucky Christian University. Additionally, he teaches some courses at Johnson University and at Fuller Theological Seminary. Since 2014, Rob has been preaching for the Beech Street Christian Church in Kentucky.

He has also served congregations in Arkansas, Texas, West Virginia and Kentucky, and worked as a chaplain at Cabell Huntington Hospital. He and his wife Rachel have two children.

Rob holds degrees from Harding University (B.A.), Austin Graduate School of Theology (M.A.), Lubbock Christian University (M.Div.), and the Harding School of Theology (D.Min.).

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