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Haikus from Isaiah

Engaging Scripture Creatively

I’ve found that most of my most fruitful Bible study involves finding fresh ways to engage Scripture. This often includes physically different formats, such as printing the text out and putting it together in a different, more visual form. Sometimes it involves extensive repetition of one significant passage. The last couple of years, I have especially enjoyed writing haikus based on the Scriptures I’m reading.

What Haikus Are

A haiku is a Japanese form of poetry that involves 3 lines:

  • One with 5 syllables
  • One with 7 syllables
  • One with 5 syllables

No rhyming is required.

I have found that in devotional reading, writing haikus to summarize thoughts helps me learn both to think clearly and to articulate precisely. Likewise, I believe that creativity often flourishes within constraints. While one day perhaps I’ll write longer poetry, I’ve got more of a haiku-length attention span for now.

I’m going to share posts for the next few weeks containing small haiku poems that I’ve written based on sections of Scripture upon which I’ve spent time reflecting. If you enjoy them, feel free to share them. I think in my mind, an even bigger win from these posts would be if you tried writing a few of your own.

Haikus from Isaiah

Isaiah 1
Cease your hollow praise.
Return to God in your heart:
Crimson becomes white.

Isaiah 2: The Mountain of the Lord
Abandon your swords!
God leads us in his pure light
On to solid ground.

Isaiah 5: The Branch of the Lord
For those who hold fast:
Shelter, shade, and guarding light;
All stains washed away.

Isaiah 5: Woes
Those who call dark, “Light.”
Relishing their secret guilt:
Their roots will decay.

Isaiah 6: Vision
Man of unclean lips,
Touched by God’s refining fire:
“Here I am, send me!”

Isaiah 8: Our Rock
Fear not what they fear.
Revere the Lord Almighty,
Your sanctuary.

Isaiah 8: Against the Diviners
Distressed and hungry,
Whispering and muttering:
They produce no light.

Isaiah 9: A Child Is Born
A great Light has dawned.
To his just and peaceful reign
There will be no end.

Isaiah 11: About The Branch from Jesse
Full of God’s spirit,
Wisdom and understanding,
Clothed in righteousness.

Isaiah 11: God’s Peaceful Mountain
The wolf with the lambs;
Lions, bears, snakes, and leopards:
Safe for a small child.

Isaiah 12
Sing praise to your God
Who gives fresh water from His
Wells of salvation!

Isaiah 17
A vine with no fruit:
When a nation gathers strength
But lacks fear of God.

Isaiah 24: Destruction
Terror, pits, and snare:
Heaven’s floodgates open wide.
Prideful powers fade.

Isaiah 25: Redemption
Feasting with the Lord.
Death’s dark veil, He lifts away.
“We trusted, God saved!”

Isaiah 26: God’s City
Built on steadfast rock,
Its walls made of salvation,
Peace is perfected.


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