Dr. Anessa Westbrook of Harding University: What Helps Women to Grow Spiritually?

Helping Women Grow Spiritually with Dr. Anessa Westbrook

Women make up more than half the church, but in many congregations, the leadership is entirely–if not almost entirely–male. Men and women have different needs and perspectives. How do we make sure that we are cultivating female spiritual growth?

Dr. Anessa Westbrook has done original research for her major project and dissertation at Fuller Theological Seminary about young women. Specifically, what factors help young women to grow spiritually and to find opportunities to use their gifts in the church?

An Interview with Dr. Anessa Westbrook

Click the image to watch the video podcast of our conversation.

Conversation highlights

The above video clip is posted on YouTube. You can also listen to the conversation as an audio podcast. Here are some significant points that we discuss in our conversation:

  • Differences between what helps men and women grow into leaders
  • The frequent lack of attention given in churches of Christ to developing young women
  • Surprising statistics about what young adult men and women say helps them to grow spiritually in church settings
  • Opportunities where churches should invest resources that do benefit both genders
  • The dearly needed efforts for women to provide role models and mentors for each other

About Dr. Anessa Westbrook

Dr. Anessa D. Westbrook is an Assistant Professor of Bible and Ministry at Harding University where she has worked to raise the academic level of women’s classes as well as to develop programs specific to women’s development. She teaches both textual courses and courses related to women’s ministries. She also serves as on the Lectureship committee and is the program coordinator for WINGS. 

Anessa and her husband Tim have been married for 25 years. They have three children:  Alina (who just finished her sophomore year at Harding University), Anna (who just graduated from Harding Academy, and will attend HU), and Theo (finishing up his sophomore year at Harding Academy).

They were missionaries to Hungary for 8 years, with part of the last year serving as missionaries-in-residence at Harding University.  They have lived in Searcy since 2003.

Her education credentials include:

Recommended Resources

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