Bob Turner

An Interview with Bob Turner

I was thrilled to have a conversation with Bob Turner about books and trends in Christian publications. Bob serves as the Library Director at the Harding School of Theology and is on the preaching team for the Church of Christ at White Station in Memphis, Tennessee. He is married to Andrea and they have two daughters, Julia and Kathryn.

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Footnotes: Curated Resources for Ministers

Conversation Highlights

  • Recent books of great value
  • Trends in Christian publishing
  • Tips for finding the best commentaries and resources
  • The value and limits of reading personal memoirs
  • Opportunities for needed research and writing

Resources Discussed in the Interview

Regarding the Translation Dispute Between N.T. Wright and David Bentley Hart:

This was a lively exchange where two titans of New Testament scholarship, both of whom have recent translations of the New Testament, had a heated debate on the benefits and shortcomings of each other’s work. 

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