Luke Dockery

Youth in Family Ministry with Luke Dockery

How do we help our children’s faith become their own? Luke Dockery shares about his Youth In Family Ministry model as a deliberate way to help young people find their place in the larger body of believers.

Conversation Highlights:

  • Developing an approach to youth ministry that derives from quality research
  • The physical family and church family as pillars of a quality youth ministry
  • The importance of intergenerational friendships in helping young people feel they are a true part of the larger congregation
  • Implementing a new culture and philosophy in your youth program
  • Specific fruits the Farmington congregation has seen through Luke’s approach
  • The Deeper Youth Conference of which Luke is a co-founder and director
For the audio-only podcast, click here.

Luke Dockery is the Associate Minister of the Farmington Church of Christ where he has served since 2006. He completed his Masters of Divinity degree at the Harding School of Theology in 2017.

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