Kindom Upgrowth

Where there is upgrowth, something noticeable has happened. To speak of the upgrowth of national trends or economics is to speak of something readily observable of which tangible experience is possible. This website is a place to promote the upgrowth of the Kingdom of God.

Jesus himself spoke of the people of God being like a conspicuous city at the top of a hill, and like a lamp set out to benefit all within range of its light. The upgrowth of the people of God should produce conspicuous changes that lead to positive impacts.

With God’s help, we are growing upward. We are standing taller in our faith because of the assurance that our foundation is firm. The fruit of the Spirit blossoming in the life of a flourishing Christian is evidence that the Kingdom of God is near.

This website is a place to explore ideas related to personal and congregational flourishing.

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