Rightly Ordered Illustrations

This is a simple tip.

When you have more than one illustration to use in a row, it is best to put them in order on the basis of length. Start with the shortest and move on to the largest. Your listeners’ ears will naturally assume that whatever follows the current content will be longer than the present content.

You would, for example, want to go with:

  • A short quote or quip
  • A small paragraph
  • A more detailed story

In that order. If you started with a longer story, then launch into a second or third one, people might already be turning off their ears, assuming what is to come will be even longer. You don’t have to use three. It could be more or fewer. But if all possible, keep them in order of length.

This is a simple principle that is a matter of pure rhetoric, but to use it well will help your listeners to stay with you.

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