Designing Your Life for Growth

I am teaching a weekly class at the Tusculum Church of Christ called Designing Your Life for Growth. This will be an exploration of Christian Spiritual Formation. There will be components involving both teaching and praxis, and in order to centralize where people can access content from the classes, I am creating posts here on my website to emphasize teachings from each week. Here I will also be creating a list of links to all the individual posts as I make them.

Some of the things we’ll be talking about:

  • Foundations of Christian Spirituality
  • Fresh ways to practice prayer
  • New techniques for engaging with Scripture
  • A tool to develop your personal strategy for being open to how God is shaping you

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Posts for Individual Lessons:

Recommended Resources:

These are links to books and other media that I believe is beneficial. Please note that I am an Amazon affiliate, and dearly appreciate you using the links here if you plan to purchase any of these.



  1. Mark, I am so happy to see this post in Kingdom Upgrowth!! I will be following along with your class. I only wish I could attend in person!

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