Rethinking How We Interpret Scripture with Rachel Howell

In this episode, we talk with Rachel Howell about Biblical interpretation. A scholar and missionary herself, Rachel has taken a deep dive into Alexander Campbell’s influence on Churches of Christ in the way we view and interpret Scripture, especially relative to the Holy Spirit’s role in the process. She will critique some areas of imbalance and suggest what it might look like to build a healthier hermeneutic as we move forward, more inclusive of both the Holy Spirit and the community of faith.

Full Interview

Conversation Highlights

  • How we apply Scripture to our lives
  • Key aspects of Alexander Campbell’s teaching about the role of Scripture and how it has impacted Churches of Christ
  • Being more inclusive of the Holy Spirit in how we read and apply Scripture
  • Appreciating the value of Christian community in how we encounter Scripture
  • Suggested steps for how we can move forward

About Rachel Howell

Rachel is a native of College Station, Texas. Rachel, her husband Alan, and their children currently reside in Searcy, Arkansas where Alan is serving at Harding University as the Missionary in Residence. She has experience in campus ministry and spent fifteen years with her family working as missionaries in Mozambique.

Rachel has completed a masters degree in Historical Theology and is finishing a second in Old Testament at the Harding School of Theology.

Recommended Resources

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