Haikus from the Minor Prophets

I have found that writing Haikus is a helpful way to focus my thoughts and to process ideas that I experience in Scripture. I’ve been teaching through the Minor Prophets, and for part of my preparation, I have been writing Haikus based on passages from each of the books. If you were to read through any of the books, I’d like to think these themes would appear familiar to you as you encountered them.

I am more than happy for anyone to link to this post, but if you decide to share these in some other format, I would humbly request you attribute these to me, preferably providing a link to this post. Thanks, and please enjoy!


God’s Dilemma
When you learned to walk
It was I who held your hands.
I can’t give you up.

Stripped of land and wealth,
Back into the wilderness,
Our love is reborn.


Avoid Disaster
Mourn, fast, weep, and wail.
Turn to me with all your heart.
Here you’ll find mercy.

Wonders from above,
My Spirit poured on all flesh,
Welcomed by the Lord.


For three sins or four?
This corruption cannot stand.
I am moved to act.

Almighty God
Maker of the seas,
Commander of stars and light:
Yahweh is His name.

Day of the Lord
Fleeing a lion,
To be met by a great bear,
Then bit by a snake.

What God Wants
Not an empty pledge.
Not the music from your harps.
But let justice flow!

Staggering from hunger,
Not for water or for bread:
It’s God’s word we need.


Think you’re an eagle?
With your nest among the stars?
I will bring you down.

Edom’s Pride
Do you laugh and gloat
In their days of misery?
They’ll possess your land.


Unfortunate Contrast
Sailors receive grace.
Nineveh has changed its heart.
Jonah wants to die.

Praying in a Fish
Banished from your sight;
Seaweed wrapped around my head.
Still, my prayers arose!

Jonah and Nineveh
Rescued by a fish.
Angered by God’s grace toward them
Which he, too, received.

City of thousands,
Ignorant of right and wrong,
Worth less than a vine.


The Problem
From their beds they plot
Evil by the morning light.
“What’s his will be mine!”

The Prophet
Filled with God’s Spirit,
The truth they don’t want to hear
Spoken with courage.

What is Good?
Acting with justice
Walking humbly with your God
Faithful in all things.


God is our stronghold
A safe place for us to stay
In a troubled time.

Nineveh’s Destruction
Flashing swords and spears,
Horses rumble, cracks of whips,
Corpses without end.


Complaint to God
How long must we wait?
Violence here, and where are You?
“Watch, and be amazed.”

The Vision
Even if it’s slow
Write down and remember it:
My justice will come.

Higher Ground
When our flocks are gone,
When our fields will not produce,
God is our resource.


Once a prideful town
“I’m the one, there’s no other.”
Now a lair for beasts.

Restarting a Remnant
Corruption burned up
I will purify your speech
We’ll work hand in hand.

Rest in God
Your sins are removed.
Now, find pasture and have rest.
No one will disturb.

Gathering up the lame
And those who’ve been driven out,
Now, welcomed with joy.


Panelled Houses
“It’s not time to build”?
You’re upgrading your own homes
While mine lies in waste?

The Shake Up
I will shake the Earth,
Bringing their wealth home to you.
Do not be afraid.

Connect the Dots
Earth withholds its fruit,
Your purses are filled with holes,
My house lies in waste.


A scroll flies above.
Colored horses spread the word:
“The Branch” is coming!

Our King approaches
Bringing peace from sea to sea
Riding a donkey.

Bad Shepherds
They speak lying dreams
To a scattered, worried flock,
But God will attend.

On That Day
His foot touches down:
Mount of Olives, split in half.
Never-ending light.


“This is a burden”?
Offerings that are lame or sick?
Honor your Father!

Wife of Your Youth
You have broken faith
Forgetting the vow you made.
Yahweh weeps for her.

Yahweh’s Sun Rises
Faithless turn to dust.
The proud, burned up by the sun
Whose rays bring healing.

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  1. I love these !!!! I have always liked haikus,never thought of using them as a study tool !! I am thinking this might be a fun skill to pass on to my Jr/Sr girls class !! I love the way you put them into sets !

    Thanks for this gift 🎁
    Merry Christmas!

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