How is Philosophy Valuable for Christians?

Surely one of the antidotes to cultural chaos is principled people who are intentional about their presence in the world. Chet Duke talks with us about the value of Philosophy for Christians in our faith, our ministry, and our interactions with the world.

About Chet Duke:

Chet Duke (Hamden, CT) is an Adjunct Instructor in Philosophy at Felician University and Harding University. He is a Part-Time Minister at the Manchester Church of Christ where he and his wife Rachel are involved.

Chet has a B.A. in Philosophy and Bible from Freed-Hardeman University, a Master of Theological Studies from Lipscomb University, and a Master of Arts in Philosophy of Religion from Yale Divinity School.

Conversation Highlights:

  • Philosophy and Faith: How they go together
  • How philosophy helps with precision of thought and expression
  • How philosophy speaks to the human experience
  • The value of asking deep questions proactively for better engagement with the world

Recommended Resources:

Chet has provided a helpful list of many of the best resources and names in philosophy for Christians. Click here for the PDF. Additionally, he has provided his top five recommended resources below for those getting started:

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