Enneagram Resources

Enneagram Resources

Having spent a lot of time studying the Enneagram over the last few months, I wanted to share a lot of my favorite resources in an easily accessible, categorical way.

My Resources

Here is a series of handouts I created for a class at my congregation on the Enneagram. To create these, I compiled information from several of the resources listed below, especially those by Suzanne Stabile and Richard Rohr.

Categorized Resources

There are many more Enneagram books than what I have categorized below, but these are the ones with which I have the most familiarity.

First Reads

These are great places to start if you are new to the Enneagram.

Going Deeper

If you have some familiarity with the Enneagram, here are some good second steps to expand your understanding.

For Relationships

The Enneagram is helpful to grow in empathy for the people in your life. These resources can help you navigate what the Enneagram offers for your relationships and family. Start with the Stabile book, but these others have value, too.

Spiritual Emphasis

If you are wanting to approach the Enneagram from a Christian angle, here are resources that lean that way.

For Visual Learners and Younger Readers

There are several Enneagram resources that are especially good for visual learners. Many of these are also created with younger readers in mind.

Enneagram Classics

There are several books on the Enneagram that show up often cited in later works. As the number of available works expands, these are foundational to much recent thinking on the Enneagram.

The Enneagram for Teaching

I’m including Levin’s book here on how to use the Enneagram in teaching (Note: Teaching in general, not specifically teaching about the Enneagram), as well as two resources for teaching about the Enneagram in group settings. Notice these are study guide companions to Cron and Stabile’s other resources, but they are sufficient to be used on their own with a group; especially if the group has some pre-existing knowledge of the Enneagram.

For an in-depth curriculum, consider Suzanne Stabile’s The Enneagram Journey DVDs.

Emphasis on Wings and Subtypes

If you consider the two wings of each type, you could say there are actually 27 types on the Enneagram. For those with a strong wing, it may be useful to consider resources that explore each of the subtypes more specifically.

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