Join us for a Journey Through John!

I’ve spent the last few months putting together a study I’m super excited about! I want to invite you to join us in allowing the story of Jesus, found in the Gospel of John, to impact your own life’s story in 2020.

It’s already the start of a new decade…why not also start a new chapter in your spiritual journey?

What to Expect

If you want to get the most out of this study, there are three kinds of resources we’ll be providing:

  1. A reading guide with both a schedule and reflection questions for your study.
  2. A sermon series at the Kings Crossing Church of Christ based on the readings each week.
  3. Podcast episodes at Kingdom Upgrowth to accompany the study, featuring five key scholars in two capacities:
    1. Each scholar will provide a unique angle from their expertise on how to get the most from John’s Gospel.
    2. Each scholar will provide commentary on several of the chapters so that each week as you listen, you can have their guidance on how to appreciate and apply what you’re reading.

Below, I’ll share a few details more about each of these areas.

A Reading Guide for John

We will begin the first Sunday in January 2020, and work through John at one chapter per week. I’ve created a reading schedule with some simple reflection questions to help people stay on track and get the most out of their reading.

I would also recommend you consider getting a copy of the Gospel of John Scripture Journal. This is a super resource that includes the Biblical text on the left page with journaling lines on the right page.

Journaling is such a great way to process what you are reading.

  • What grabs your attention in this passage?
  • What inspires you from this passage?
  • When in your life have you felt similar to what the characters seem to be feeling?
  • What notes would you make that you would want to remember later?

In addition to a copy of the Gospel set up for journaling, you can also purchase pens especially made for highlighting and writing, but without bleeding through the pages. If you’re feeling really inspired, they even make a full set of the biblical books set up for journaling, both regular and “illuminated” with more artwork included.

Sermon Series on John

I will be preaching weekly from the assigned chapter in John’s Gospel. You can find all of these lessons on the sermon section of the Kings Crossing website.

We also post them weekly on all podcast channels, as well as on our Facebook Fan Page and on our YouTube page.

Podcast Episodes Featuring Key Guests

I could not be more excited about this upcoming audio podcast series at Kingdom Upgrowth! I have five top-notch scholars who were each willing to speak from their area of expertise on how we can get the most out of John’s Gospel. I personally grew through these conversations, and I know you will, too. I’ll release one episode per week for the five first weeks of January. We will be featuring:

  • Dr. Keith Stanglin (Austin Graduate School of Theology)
  • Dr. Kindy De Long (Seaver College at Pepperdine University)
  • Lauren Calvin Cooke (Emory University)
  • Dr. Mark Powell (Harding School of Theology)
  • Kevin Burr (Asbury Theological Seminary)

Additionally, each of the participants was willing to work with me to create an audio commentary for each of the chapters in John. We will release podcast episodes in alignment with the readings for each week.

You can subscribe to our podcast using the links in the navigation bar.

In the image, you can see the thematic conversation for each of our guests, as well as the chapters on which they’ll join us in reflection.

Want to stay in the loop on everything?

I recommend that you:

  1. Like our Kingdom Upgrowth Facebook Fan Page so that you will see the posts in your social media feed.
  2. Subscribe to our Mail Chimp list so I will send you a weekly digest with all the relevant links for whatever content is released that week. I use this list only for communicating about this study.

Please plan to join us!

I have spent several months putting together the materials for this study. I believe that when we go the extra step making ourselves available to God, God uses our efforts for God’s glory, as well as for our benefit.

If you haven’t already begun thinking of your personal growth strategy for 2020, why don’t you join us for a journey with Jesus through the eyes of John?


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