Matt Dabbs

Having Productive Online Conversations: with Matt Dabbs

These days, talking about important subjects online is a lot like walking through a minefield. Matt Dabbs provides tools to help us with online conversations–and any conversations–where both the people and the issues matter. I always enjoy any time I can spend with Matt, as he absolutely embodies the healthy principles shared here in this video. This is great advice for anyone to consider before you hit “post”, which is just as valuable to practice at your office, your church, and at home.

In our conversation we discuss:

  • How online conversations go off the rails
  • 2 Corinthians 10:5: Taking every thought captive for Christ
  • How to break a reactive cycle in conversation
  • What helps conversations to go well
  • The greater potential ways we can be using social media

Matt Dabbs is the preaching minister for the Auburn Church of Christ (Alabama). He received his Masters of Divinity degree from the Harding School of Theology in Memphis.

Matt recommended some resources for helping expand your knowledge and skills for how to engage in productive online conversations. I’m including his recommendations along with a few other links.

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