Kevin Burr Worship as Spiritual Formation

Worship As Spiritual Formation: A Conversation With Kevin Burr


In this Research Spotlight, I am excited to share a conversation I had with Kevin Burr. Kevin is a Ph.D. student at Asbury Theological Seminary, having previously completed his M.Div. at the Harding School of Theology and a Masters in Education at Harding University. He is also one of the ministers at the Nicholasville Church of Christ in Kentucky.

Kevin had recently conducted a retreat for worship leaders on how worship functions as spiritual formation. I wanted to hear some of the ideas Kevin had been cultivating, and am glad to share them with you. Our conversation in the video includes:

  • Kevin’s studies on Ephesians 2 and what it means for the church to be built collectively into a spiritual temple
  • Revelation 4, and some implications of the throne room scene
  • The way in which all of us are being shaped at all times by something or someone
  • How we can think more deliberately about our worship, the deeper meaning behind what is occurring, and how our methods affect our outcomes



  1. this is the best one yet. I really enjoyed the concepts. I need to re-listen to this to understand it better. Thank you

    1. Thanks Joe! Kevin is a meticulous scholar and always does good work. Glad you got to check it out. Looking forward to sharing more of his insights on the later chapters of John. Stay tuned…

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