This is an informational page for members of the FaithBuilder class at Kings Crossing Church of Christ. I am keeping it on my website so I can access and modify it easily, and so that we can keep an ongoing archive of what we study.

Class Topic for Fall 2019

We had a very close vote for an upcoming topic to study, but the most votes went to Timothy Keller‘s book Making Sense of God. You can purchase your own copy on Amazon in whatever format you prefer. I will purchase a few additional copies for anyone not wanting to order their own.

Ezra Study: Summer 2019

We are now studying Ezra. I am hoping some of you will help me test drive an idea. The ESV Bible translation is now available in a set of really cool journals that contain individual books of the Bible. I’m thinking about doing this on a large scale with the Gospel of John with our congregation at the beginning of 2020.

For now, I’d like us to try it with the book of Ezra. You can see in the photos that it’s a small format, and very affordable. You get one page of text and one page of lightly lined journal lines.

I’ll be providing us with some reflection questions to help us journal as we read. In fact, if Bible journaling is your thing, they’ve got really nifty entire kits of the Old Testament or New Testament available for purchase, but if you’d like to join me in trying this, you can purchase Ezra from Amazon here.

Of course, if this doesn’t interest you, you can always just use your regular Bible. If a few of you would try this and tell me what you think about the practice, I’d appreciate it! I like the idea of everyone spending time reflecting both on the text and on their own life in preparation for class.

Luke 9 Chiasmus for Reference

We are currently looking at Luke 9, each week reflecting on two bookend passages, working our way inward. The study for the current week is in bold. Previously studied weeks are italicized.

A: 1-6 Sending and Equipping of Disciples (Leave all behind)

B: 7-9 Herod perplexed by Jesus (Gentile rejection)

C: 10-20 Feeding of the 5,000 & Peter confessing Jesus is Christ.
    (Imperfect followers of sometimes questionable motives.)

D: 21-27 Jesus predicts his death. “Take up your cross.”

E: 28-36 The Transfiguration (Marvel at the glory of Jesus)

E1: 37-43 The boy with unclean spirit (Marvel at the glory of Jesus)

D1: 43b-45 Jesus predicts his death.

C1: 49-50 Anyone not against us is for us.
(Imperfect followers of sometimes questionable motives)

B1: 51-56 Samaritan village rejects Jesus (Gentile rejection)

A1: 57-62 The cost of following Jesus. (Leave all behind)

Winter 2018-2019 Study Plans

For our Winter study, we’ll be reading Ed Stetzer’s book, Christians in the Age of Outrage: How To Bring Our Best When The World Is At Its Worst. Stetzer is great in that he is highly academically credentialed (2 doctorates, if I remember correctly) but he is deeply rooted in pragmatic concerns of real churches.

The links here will take you to, respectively: the Kindle book, the Paperback version, and the Hardback version. You can see the pricing below. Please be purchasing your copy to use as we get into the book. We’ll plan on starting in January.

After you’ve added the book to your cart, don’t forget to go to to check out (it will keep it all in the cart), and select Kings Crossing Church of Christ as your benefiting charity of choice!

Earlier Studies:

I am listing previous books we’ve studied together, in part to help me keep track of the overall flow of class content and what we are covering.

Free To Be Me: Using The Enneagram For Personal Growth

Click here to access all class handouts about the Enneagram.

Take the free Enneagram Test and see what your type might be.

Breakdown of FaithBuilder Enneagram Types (based on 34 responses):

Scriptural Textual Studies:

  • Philemon & Colossians
  • Wisdom Psalms
  • John

Book Studies: